2023 Model Y Transformation at Sixth Element

In the world of electric vehicles, Tesla has undoubtedly taken the lead with its innovative designs and cutting-edge technology. The Tesla Model Y is no exception, a sleek and efficient crossover SUV that has captured the hearts of many. At Sixth Element, we took the Model Y to the next level, fully customizing the car to make it truly one of a kind. From lowering it on our STREET+ COILOVERS SUSPENSION KIT to fitting it with our 21 inch SE-105 MONOBLOCK FORGED WHEELS, ALCANTARA VANTABLACK DRY CARBON STEERING WHEEL, FULL CARBON FIBER INTERIOR TRIM, Window Tint, PPF paint protection film, and much more, we transformed the Model Y into a unique work of art.


STREET+ COILOVERS SUSPENSION: Lowering for Style and Performance

The first step in our customization process was lowering the Model Y on our coilovers. Lowering a vehicle not only enhances its appearance by giving it a more aggressive stance but also improves handling and overall performance. Our Coilovers are meticulously engineered to maintain ride comfort while providing a lower center of gravity for better cornering capabilities. The result? A Model Y that not only turns heads but also handles like a sports car.



Wheels are a crucial aspect of any vehicle's appearance, and at Sixth Element, we know the importance of choosing the right set. Our custom forged wheels are the perfect complement to the lowered Model Y, offering an extra touch of elegance. Forged wheels are not only stronger and lighter than cast wheels but also allow for more intricate and unique designs. The Model Y's appearance is elevated with our wheels, making it stand out from the crowd.


Full Window Tint: Style and Comfort

Window tint serves both aesthetic and practical purposes. It enhances the car's appearance by giving it a sleek and modern look, while also providing several benefits, such as reducing glare, heat, and protecting the interior from harmful UV rays. Our professional-grade window tinting ensures that the Model Y not only looks great but also provides a comfortable and safe driving experience.


PPF Gloss Paint Protection Film: Preserving Beauty

 Tesla vehicles are known for their flawless paint finishes, and protecting this precious asset is essential. To keep the Model Y looking pristine, we applied a high-quality paint protection film. This transparent layer acts as a shield against road debris, minor scratches, and environmental contaminants. It ensures that the car's paint remains as beautiful as the day it left the factory, even after years of driving.

At Sixth Element, our commitment to quality and attention to detail are at the forefront of every customization project. Our in-house team of experts works tirelessly to ensure that each modification not only enhances the Model Y's appearance but also maintains its performance and functionality. We take pride in offering a one-stop shop for all your custom TESLA needs, ensuring that every aspect of the vehicle meets our high standards.


In conclusion, the Tesla Model Y is an exceptional electric SUV, but at Sixth Element, we believe it can be made even better. With our products, we've taken the Model Y to a new level of performance and style. The end result is a fully customized vehicle that combines the eco-friendly efficiency of a Tesla with the beauty and performance of a sports car. If you're looking to make your Model Y uniquely yours, look no further than Sixth Element for a transformation that will leave a lasting impression.